This is Bomb.


Bomb, the Black Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. First introduced in 2009, the character is one of the original five birds in The Flock.


While most all of the Flock have a short temper when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds, Bomb has the worst temper of them all. He loses his "explosive" temper easily and often (as depicted in the Wreck the Halls animation and Christmas comics). Also why he explodes. As a result, Bomber tends to be a loner, preferring to remain away from the Flock, as he does not want to be stressed with their problems. (Another possible reason is that he doesn't want to accidentally blow up everyone else). Despite this, he is always ready to help should an emergency be called. His power is the strongest out of all the birds.

He is also known to have a sense of justice, because in the MTV anti-bullying video, he stands up for a minion pig that was being bullied.

He also seems to be a very intelligent bird and a good chef, despite that fact that he thinks no one likes the "new-age cooking" (as seen in the Angry Birds Christmas comics ). He puts in effort to control his temper by reading up on self-help books.

In the Game

CGI Bomb

Bomb's design in the game.

Without the Hasbro toys and Telepods, he is the second character to be unlock in the app.

Special Ability

He blows himself up to slow down nearby racers and damage their karts; his own kart is not affected by the blast.

Location in The Resting Tree

He s located on the Lower Section next to Red on a box full with cold beverages and ice.


  • Bomb seems to look older in the game, due to the wrinkles above his head.
    • Thus making his one of the characters to be seemingly aged.

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