"When Chuck accidentally knocks Red off a precipice, the race is on to save him before he hits rock bottom."
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Chuck t

Chuck Time is the 1st episode of Angry Birds Toons.


Red climbs up to the top of the cliff and calls Chuck to come. Chuck is painfully carrying the slingshot up the hill to the spot marked with an "x" by Red. He drops it on himself and Red sighs. Chuck immediately picks it up and places it on the "x". Red nods in congratulation as Chuck smiles. The slingshot starts to tip over, Chuck sees this, and he goes in front of it to pull it back. He accidentaly pushes Red off of the cliff trying to hold it up. Chuck is still smiling while Red looks down and frowns at Chuck, who is now worried, watches him fall as he yells for help. Chuck thinks for a while, then activates Chuck Time (Chuck's ability to manipulate time and make everything slower), while everything else is now going slower. He races to catch Red, but then stops and turns around to watch a butterfly (also in slow motion). When Red comes down to that point, he yells at Chuck again, while Chuck screams as he remembers what his purpose was. He races to the bottom, but sees that he is still falling slowly, so he gets a wooden bucket that is very large, and fills it with water. He waits, and realizes he has nothing to do.

Chuck then starts drinking a foamy beverage, then he does a puzzle in a book, and then tans himself. When he looks up, he sees that Red is not landing in the bucket. He's landing behind him. Chuck screams and tries to push the bucket over to his landing spot, but it is too heavy. He then screams and runs to the spot. There is a large explosion. Red sees that he is on top of Chuck and he jumps off. Chuck shakes his head a little and then sees that the slignshot is about to fall of of the cliff. It does fall, and it crushes Chuck. Red sighs in sadness, but then Chuck calls him, and when Red turns around, he sees that Chuck is in his beach chair. Red is confused, and Chuck winks to the camera.


"Chuck Time"
Angry Birds Toons Episode 1 - Chuck Time02:45

Angry Birds Toons Episode 1 - Chuck Time

Chuck Time


  • This is Red, Chuck and Butterfly's first appearance.
  • Chuck breaks the fourth wall in this episode by winking on the camera.

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