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Seedway is the first episode/circuit of Angry Birds Go! In this section, you can recruit Stella and Bomb.

Release Date

It's release date was December 11, 2013, which is the day of the app's release.


Red's Kart

  • 1.Semi-Skimmer(Level 1)
  • 2.Spoon Mobile(Level 2)
  • 3.Tick-Ticker(Level 3)
  • 4.Iron Bolt(Level 4)
  • 5.Super Roaster(Level 5)

Stella's Kart

  • 1.Music Maker(Level 1)
  • 2.Shake Delux(Level 2)
  • 3.Bubble-N-Beak(Level 3)
  • 4.Pinky-Tonk(Level 4)
  • 5.Soda Pop Sedan(Level 6)

Bomb's Kart

  • 1.Tape Deck(Level 1)
  • 2.Drum Roller(Level 2)
  • 3.Roofster(Level 3)
  • 4.Big Boomer(Level 4)
  • 5.Big Bang(Level 6)
  • 6.Big Bang Special Edition(Level 6)



  • The title is a pun on "speedway".
  • Big Bang's original name was Exploder.
  • Bomb is the only character that has six karts.
  • If you enter a race with Big Bang Special Edition, all other racers will be using the same kart.


See Seedway/Gallery.

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